By Daleehat Suleiman Bente DSB {A Concern Progressive}

Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege pls no fall our hands. Who be Lara Wise again?

Why are you people hammering we APC faithfuls under the belt like this?

We are not against your appointments as we can’t dictate for You Sir, But we must not allow people who we all know as our party sworn enemies and has misused the Social media by blackmailing our PARTY and party leaders by branding them with all sorts of unprintable names including calling You a {mace Thief} now Shamelessly turning around to accept appointments from people like you whom they have ridiculed and taunted in the past??

That’s height of Hypocrisy without iota of Shame.

Your busy schedule may hindered you from accessing the social media like we progressives who often engaged some of this guys Online and can tell much about their mischief activities towards the APC led adminstration.

We can tell you that LARA is a PDP apologist and she’s not far from the famous trademark of all PDP apologists which is badmouthing PRESIDENT BUHARI, his Government and his PARTY the APC.

So It is heart bleeding seeing such persons occupying strategic offices under any Leader of our great PARTY like you (Sir)…

Your choice of Dr Otive Igbuzor is superb and commendable because everyone knows the qualities and skills of Dr Otive as far as building a better NIGERIA is concerned.

But as for Lara-wise Sir, you have scored an on-goal here.
It is at this juncture that we are calling on You Sir, to have a rethink and consider our outcry against this appointment and reverse it with immediate effect.

You should know that you are not longer a Niger Delta SENATOR as you are gaining fast popularity across the Country even before you emerged as the Deputy Senate PRESIDENT.

For example, The amount of recognitions you now enjoy in the NORTHERN part of the COUNTRY for your support for President BUHARI in the Eight SENATE and your consistent resistance against the anti people antics of SARAKI in the SENATE is now superseding the popularity of even Rotimi Amaechi in the NORTH.

So we supposed to be critical stakeholders in your decision making, and we are saying under One Voice that LARA WISE must Quit because she didn’t deserve this Position.

You May Wish to read this missive and ignore but responding to the missive will be appreciated gracefully.